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Makeup Skills

Three tips for becoming a professional makeup artist

However, becoming a makeup artist is not as easy as buying the makeup tools. One needs to be persistent and professional at the same time.

Three generations of makeup artists Irwan Riady, Adi Adrian and Marlene Hariman shared three essential tips that could help one become a professional makeup artist during a recent media gathering for the Face on Point tutorial book.

Focus on results

Having worked as a makeup artist for over two decades, Irwan stressed the importance of focusing on the results. Although technology might help in presenting a good portfolio, he said clients should be, above all, results-oriented.

Hence, instead of feeling down when seeing, for example, a low number of Instagram followers, he suggested that aspiring makeup artists present their work honestly.

Stay positive, stay loyal

The trio saw a positive attitude as an essential characteristic. In line with this, Marlene advised aspiring makeup artists to avoid ditching a client who booked their service for a more interesting client that requests a booking later. Adi said that clients tend to look for reliable makeup artists that can be trusted and that manage their time well.

Own your skills

Aspiring makeup artists, Adi said, need to continuously enhance their skills. Meanwhile, Irwan recommended that they take professional courses to learn about, among other things, skin conditions and facial bone anatomy.

Content created and supplied by: Sylvanokeyo (via Opera News )

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