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New fashion in town? Netizens elated by the new invention of string attached to phone cases

Fashion industry has to be one of the most revolutionized industry in the world. Each day presents a new fashion trend that everyone wants to recognize with. This particular trend has however taken the industry by a storm, where phone cases come with a string like feature which you can hang as a bag. These phone cases come in different colors and designs to match you dress giving you that classy look.

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This picture from South Africa has been making rounds in the internet and seems every online user has something to say about it. The picture was shared by an online user by the name @SbohSibisi lighting up his comments section.

Siphe: All fun and games until you see these guys approach

@naken_naken: My first thought was, 'not in Uganda' but after reading the comments I realized not in Africa

Kuanele: End of the night you’ll be waking around with just a string

Mwafrika: Definitely not in Nairobi hapa utavutwa na hiyo kamba ushangae.

What are your thoughts though? Do you think this new trend could be tested in an area near you? Share your thoughts through the comments section and remember to like share and follow for more amazing updates. Thank you!h you.

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