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Hilarious! Mammito Demonstates The Struggle Women Wearing Backside Enhancers Go Through On Rainy Days

Fashion and style is dynamic and keeps changing. There were days when slim and petite girls were considered beautiful and ideal. Things kept changing and people started appreciating the plus size women.

The desire to have bigger hips became common. To solve the need, people came up with bikers that have sponges that boosts the hips, making them look bigger and fuller.

The boosters are mostly worn by women who want to appear good looking and confortable in whatever they wear.

The lady comedian Mammito therefore made a video that clearly shows the struggle that women who wear the boosters experience. It becomes difficult to walk in case of being rained while wearing the sponge boosters. It definitely becomes heavier and bulkier if it gets water.

To view the video click on the link below.

Looking good can be costly though. It's hectic too when the temperatures are high as the sponge shorts will add to the body temperature.

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