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6 uses of Vaseline you probably did not know

1. Vaseline can also be used to remove makeup. When you don't want to wear make-up or don't want to wear it, this is the time to do so.

2. Dandruff can also be treated with Vaseline. It's crucial in treating dandruff on the scalp.

3. It works wonders as an antidote for cracked feet and heels. The issue is widespread in villages and rural areas.

4. Those who wear false eyelashes should use Vaseline to make them easier to remove.

5. Vaseline can help condition lashes to make them stronger and thicker. It also has the ability to make it longer, softer, and curlier.

6. Use any color to moisturize your lips and make them glow. You can make them by combining a table spoon of Vaseline with half a tea spoon of eye shadow powder in the desired lipstick color.

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