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Skin Care

4 Bad Habbits You Need To Stop If You Don't Want To Look Older Than Your Age.

It is actually good to know that some people might be genetically gifted and some might not be some might age horribly.

We want to know the reason why some people might age horribly and others age gracefully.

below we have prepared a list of things and habits that might make you look older than expected.


Smoking is one of the things that night literally ate your brain and your general health and might even cause premature aging since because tobacco smokers contain 4000 chemicals of which they can damage the collagen and elastin fibre that gives you the strength and happiness of the skin.

Poor Skincare.

It might actually be tempting to go to bed without makeup or even go out for work without taking care of your face. Excess oil filter and pollution as well as makeup can clog your pores and this might actually cause skin acne. in a normal day your skin rejuvenate itself during the times of the night and it cannot do so effectively if actually or you haven't cleaned it.

Poor Diet.

most of the times we take junk fruits which might deprive our body of the nutrients that it requires to function properly a poor diet particularly one that contains high levels of sugar might affect your skin which can cause the loss of suppleness and even might create breakouts.

Lack of sleep.

sometimes lack of sleep is not just bad for your health but actually it can be as well as bad for your skin and it can make you grow older then expected.

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