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Healthy Tips of not Wearing Underwear You Didn't Know

Etiquette way to say that you are not wearing any underwear is ' going commando'.Did you know?

Going Commando has some benefits you should know which include;

1.It protects you from allergic reactions

Many clothes contain artificial fabrics,dyes and chemicals that can cause allergic reactions known as contact dermatitis.This can make form rashes and irritation.Further reactions can cause tissue damage and infections.

2.It help reduce vaginal odour and discomfort

When moisture from heat and sweat are trapped in the genital area by the underwear,it can start smelling more strongly down there.Staying without underwear keeps the oduor to minimize and allow one's sweat to evaporate.

3.It reduces risk of developing yeast infections

Wearing tight underwear that aren't made of a breathable material such as cotton can retain moisture in your genital area and makes it easier for yeast to grow.Candida,the bacteria responsible for Yeast infections,thrives in warm and moist environments.

4. Reduces Rate of Bacteria Migration

Underwear can increase the chances of bacteria contamination from your anus to your vagina area.However,staying without them can curb this and do you alot of good to your body and overall health.

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Going Commando


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