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8 Fashion Trends that were Started by Celebrities

Brigitte Bardot, off the shoulder tops

In the middle of the 19th century, this trend began but it became more popular after sometime, most women today wear off the shoulder tops and they look just great thanks to Brigitte Bardot. She is a French animal rights activist a former actress, singer and a model. This style today can be found in the wardrobe of almost every lady.

Madonna, low rise pants

In the late 1990’s and early 2000’s this style was so popular thanks to designer Alexander McQueen and singer Madonna. This style had appeared before from Jim Morrison and Mick Jagger but it only became popular thanks to Madonna. This trend became popular after Madonna appeared in an advertisement wearing low rise pants.

Kate moss, leopard prints

Today there are a lot of items that have leopard skins starting from clothes, handbags and even shoes. In the 1990s, whatever Kate Moss wore became popular and was trending very fast, it became a fashion. Kate helped popularize leopard prints and due to this, she is referred to as (queen of leopard print)

Paris Hilton, Velour tracksuits

Today, sportswear are not only worn in the field but you might notice some people looking good in them in the streets. Paris Hilton played a big part in popularizing such outfits especially tracksuits. They became popular and a fashion in the 00’s and people loved the fashion.

Rihanna, shoes with socks

Although women in the last century wore heels with socks, they did this mostly for practical reasons. Then, tights became popular and people started forgetting about the socks only for Rihanna to start the fashion again. She wore white mules with Gucci socks which cost 1,340 dollars.

Jennifer Beals, one shoulder sweatshirt

This trend is still famous among girls and most of them wear it indoors. Jennifer Beals started this trend by an accident for the movie Flash Dance back in 1980’s. She had brought the sweatshirt from home and it shrunk in the wash, the neck band had to be cut off so that the cloth could pass through her head, that’s how she made a trend.

Jennifer Aniston, Rachel’s Hairstyle

This style became prominent in the 1990’s and it was named after the character of the iconic Friends TV series. In the 20th episode of the show Aniston appeared wearing this hairstyle, she revealed that she needed to make some changes to her image and that’s how the trend began. At some point the actress revealed that she actually hated the style.

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