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How To Get Rid Of SMELLY FEET once and for all

Hi? If you're reading this article probably you have this problem. But, don't worry because I got you. This article will explain fully what causes smelly feet and the possible preventive and curative measures,all you need to do is to read carefully.


Bromodosis is a common medical condition caused by build up of sweat that in turn promotes bacteria growth on the skin. The bacteria causes bad odour. Otherwise fungal diseases like athletes foot can also cause smelly feet.

The good thing is that this condition is easier,quick and inexpensive to treat.

What causes Smelly Feet.

Your feet produce a lot of sweat because they have more sweat glands compared to any other body part. Science explains that these glands produce sweat all day long to help cool your body and keep the skin moist.

Teenagers and pregnant women are prone to more sweaty feet because of hormones produced by their bodies. Natural bacteria help break down sweat as it is released but if sweat and bacteria build up, a bad odor is formed especially when one is wearing shoes , takes them off and doesn't allow them to fully dry.

Poor hygiene and infrequent washing of feet and not changing your socks at least once a week is also another problem.

Home treatment.

1) Wearing socks at any time can help get rid of smelly feet. Buy socks capable of absorbing sweat and probably change them once a day.

2) Wear shoes that have some breathability to reduce sweating and moisture. You can look for mesh paneled shoes. Plastic shoes contribute to smelly feet.

3) Alternating shoes and socks.

Allow your shoes and socks to fully dry before using them again. Wearing one pair today and another different pair tommorow can also help. Keep extra pair of socks at hand.

4) Replacing your Insoles.

Buying disinfecting spray can also play the same role.

5) Salt Soak

Soak Your feet in salty water for 20 minutes. Dissolve half cup of Epsom salt in water.

7) Soak feet in warm Vinegar water.

Medical treatment.

Botox injections.

Iontophoresis. This is passing mild electrical Current through water to the feet.

Rubbing alcohol to your feet every night.

Apply anti fungal foot spray and remove the hard dead skin from your be feet. Clip your toe nails oftentimes.

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