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Skin Care

PHOTOS: Five Natural Foodstuffs That Will Make Your Skin Ever Smooth.

Every human being has desire to have a smooth and a glowing skin but worry not here are some natura foodstuffs that will never disappoint you.


Lemon juice naturally contain vitamin C and citric acid, it's acidic nature and ant- microbial properties is said to work wonders in fighting skin breakdowns. High pH level in lemon juice helps in reduction of excessive oil in the skin and inflammation.

It's vitamin C which is antioxidant and brightening agent gives you a glowing skin.

It further helps in tightening skin pore to give you a smooth skin.


It is loaded with vitamin E which helps to rejuvenate your skin. The antioxidants and high water content in watermelon boots the moisture in your skin hence making it to glow.

Further, it is rich in Amino acid by the name Citrulline which helps in blood movement in our bodies.


Pineapples contains a powerful enzyme Bromelain that helps to sweep away dead skin cells. This enzyme contain inflammatory properties that can prevent psoriasis, dermatitis,acne and eczema.


It contains papain enzyme that acts a natural exfoliator and effectively dissolves dead skin cells.

It's skin lightening properties helps to clear away blemishes and acne scars.


Tomatoes have cooling and astringent properties. It is said to contain both vitamin C and A. Vitamin C helps in elimination of skin ances and also helps in brightening of dull skin while Vitamin A helps in balancing and getting rid of excessive oli in the skin.

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