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"Anyone Violating it Will be Punished" New Harsh Rules by Talibans to Barbers in Afghanistan

Barbers in Helmand province in Afghanistan have been banned from shaving or trimming beards by the Taliban. They claim that shaving is against the interpretation of Islamic law and anyone violating those laws will be punished severely.[Photo Courtesy]

The Taliban took over the Afghanistan after defeating the ruling government. They have went ahead to set their own rules that follows sharia laws of Islam. Students in schools were not also spared for both boys and girls. They would sit in one class but it would be separated with boys and girls not seeing each other.[Photo Courtesy]

For barbers, they were ordered to stop shaving as it glorifies America's styles and culture of life. Some barbers claim that random people were just send to warn them to distance themselves from trimming of beards.[Photo Courtesy]

Barbers now are lamenting over the rules since customers have stopped coming to their barber shops. According to them,they claim that shaving right now in Afghanistan makes you a target by the Taliban. Many people have decided to remain unshaved in order to blend and look like the Talibans.

These are just a few series of laws set by the Taliban and it looks like their is more to come. What do you think about the rules they have set to that follows sharia laws? Share your comments and likes.

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