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Need Some Quick Cash? Here Are Body Parts You Can Legally Sell

Many people have always asked which body parts they can sell and make quick cash. Worry no more as this article highlights various body parts that one can legally sell and earn quick cash.

Here are some few examples of body parts one can sell and make money from:


In our current world, many women are going for real hair to enhance their beauty. Selling of real human hair attracts a good earning if one has kept his/her hair in good condition. Long and healthy looking hair attracts many customers thus the owner getting a good pay for the same.


Sperms too attract a good pay for those who qualify to be donors. However, before being a sperm donor, one must be examined before getting approved by various organizations to be sperm donors. Sperm donors make their donations at least once a week and this could go for over a year.

At the end, one will be rich for something he would have wasted maybe while enjoying himself using protection.


Egg donation is more expensive than sperm donation. More so, the process of extracting the egg is more lengthy and intrusive than the sperm donation. If a woman qualifies to be an egg donor, she will have to wait for three to four weeks for the egg retrieval process to be complete.

At the end of the process, she will walk home rich.

The womb

Women can also earn from their womb. If one is willing to act as a surrogate, then she gets paid handsomely. There are two option here, one a woman's egg can be fertilized by a man's sperm and she carried the baby for another woman and her man, or secondly, she gets a fertilized egg inserted into her so that she can carry it until she gives birth.

Either ways, she will earn a good amount on additions to meals and hospital visits for free until she gives birth.

Breast milk

Did you know that breast milk can also be sold to make some good money? Well, many women across the world buy breast milk to fed their new-born if they don't want to breastfed them on their own. The price of breast milk various according to the ounce one can produce.

Entire body

Actually, you can sell your entire body is various medical institution where you will be used for various tests and research. Giving yourself in such cases attracts a lot of cash especially if the research being undertaken in vital. The more days your body is used for a certain research attracts a lot of cash.

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