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Hottest African Male Trans-genders Rocking In Beauty And Fashion

1.Boby Risky

She is a Nigerian social media personality who got famous from the snapchat platform.Born as Okuneye Idris Olerenwaju,she changed her gender to being female.Infact,on July 8th 2021,Boby Risky revealed of her surgery to completely make her feminine.

2.Audrey Mbugua

She remains as the first Kenyan who fought vehemently for her rights to have her gender changed.After an attempted suicide in 2008, doctors resolved on having a procedure to make her feminine as this was affecting her mentally.She eventually won a case in court having her name changed from Andrew to Audrey.

3.Miss SaharaThe Nigerian activist and advocate for gender rights was the first one of the kind to come out and publicly announce her stand.She relocated to the UK in 2004 after Nigeria became unaccommodative courtesy of the African norms that are against such.

4.Elle Rose Van De BurgThe south African model cum musician is another of the most famous transgender in the continent.'She' is also an activist of the LGBT and has a good sense of fashion.

4.Angela Coleman

Born as Prince Coleman,the celeb became the first Ghanian to opt for transgender.She revealed that while young,people booed her for having feminine characteristics despite being male thus her decision for transgender.

5.Muzi Zumi

He still has his male features intact but opts to dress as a ladh recognising himself with the LGBT community.The architecture is a skilled make up artist which has garnered him a huge fan base.What is your take on this article? Kindly drop in your comments as you like share and follow this channel for more exclusive articles and.

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