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Creativity: Meet Barber Who Shaves Messi's Face And That Of Ronaldo in Haircut And Its Price

You will agree with me that Leonel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo are some of the most popular footballers around the world. The two boasts a number of loyal fans who are ready to do almost everything to make the stars happy. Therefore there is a Serbian barber (Mario Hvala) who came up with a brilliant idea of drawing the two stars' faces on people's haircut. What amazing!

Thus, the fans of Messi and that of Ronaldo have been shaving the style to display their loyalty to the stars. Before shaving this style, Mario Hvala started by shaving people while drawing faces of prominent politicians such as face of North Korean Supreme leader Kim Jong Un and that of Russian president Vladimir Putin, on people's haircuts.

For that reason, his Novi Sad Salon rose into fame and is currently one of the most famous salon in the country. Normal trimming in the salon cost 1,000 dinars ($9.5) while full portrait costs about 150 euros($175.33). What an expensive haircut! Of course the haircut is tiresome to shave and takes about 7 hours to shave. Having said that you can check out the haircuts below.

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