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6 Effective Ways to Prevent your Skin From Premature Aging

Balanced diet. 

Taking a well balanced diet with plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables help restore skin nutrients. Avoid foods with a lot of sugar and other refined carbohydrates because they accelerate aging. Food rich in vitamins have antioxidants that prevent sun radicals from damaging the cells in our skin. Consider using body creams rich in antioxidants.

Sun protection.

Protection from the sun is essential on daily basis. When going out on a sunny day wear protective clothing like long-sleeved shirt, wide hat, light pants or sunglasses with UV protection. Also consider applying sunscreen every day to parts that are not covered by clothing.

Face care. 

Wash your face gently twice or thrice daily without engaging in activity that burns or irritates the skin, like thorough scrubbing. Irritating causes premature skin aging. Use moisturizer creams to provide water in the skin. 

Facial expressions. 

Making certain facial expression forces contraction of the underlying muscles, therefore doing it repetitively makes the lines permanent. Train yourself to put a happy face most of the times.


Regular exercise will help improve blood circulation and boost the immune system making the skin appear young and healthy.

Avoid Smoking and taking Alcohol.

Smoking has barely any positive effects, it causes premature skin aging, wrinkles and dark skin complexion. Alcohol also makes the skin dehydrated and with time it stops glowing.

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