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Reasons Why Most Ladies Are Choosing To Forgo Underwear And Its Benefits

The number of ladies choosing to forgo underwear keeps on increasing on a daily basis as shown by recent studies. There are various reasons why most of them are doing this ranging from fashion style to health reasons. What most people do not know is that there arearly many benefits related to this.

For instance not wearing underwear prevents yeast and fungal infections. If you have a history of having urinary tract infections not wearing underwear may be good for you. Panties tend to trap sweat and dirt which may contain fungi and bacteria which cause infections. Secondly, underwear tend to cause irritation to the body depending on the material. No one wants to feel irritated in such areas. Thirdly some people are allergic to the fabric used to make the said clothes. This may cause rashes and swelling which is undesirable. Just like any other part of the body our sensitive parts need to breath which is very important and get fresh air. However most people are not comfortable going without underwear which is okay but you can try to sleep without any so that you can get fresh air.

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