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Avoid Using Hair Products With The Following Ingredients For Longer and Healthy Hair.

They say the beauty of a woman is her head and this is actually true. The magic you do on your hair as a woman can completely affect your physical appearance. It is however so unfortunate that in our desire to look gorgeous and attractive,we've ended up destroying our natural hair.

The good news however is that we can control the products we use on our hair by keenly observing the ingredients used to manufacture the certain products because some of these ingredients don't really serve us good.

These ingredients that we should totally avoid include.

Alcohol. Avoid using products with alcoholic ingredients as much as you can. This is because alcohol over dries both the hair and the the sculp and the result is continuous breakage of your natural hair.

Sulphates. The sculp naturally contains oils. Sulphates are cleaning agents and they strip off the natural oils from the sculp thereby exposing it. This exposure causes the itching of the sculp, over drying and the occurrence of the flakes. It therefore advisable to abstain from products with sulphates as ingredients.

Fallates. These help in coating the hair. Their negative side effect is that they make the hair too brittle such that combing becomes a problem. This eventually makes the hair cut off in the process of combing and this is not we want at all.

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