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Top five mistakes men do while dressing up

men are no less interested in fashion than women and they spend even more money on clothing than ladies do. A survey says that the difference in costs is around $10 per month. You might think that this is immaterial until you realize that it adds up to 120 bucks a year.

1. Wearing suspenders together with a belt.

This classic style of clothing has returned to fashion. That’s why the first piece of advice for today has something to do with button-down shirts: this item looks better if you only wear suspenders or a belt. It’s up to you to decide which one to choose. But don’t wear them at the same time, this is not stylish.

2. Wearing a jacket that is shorter than your coat.

A coat is a universal item in a man’s wardrobe. Casual, classic, and even retro — it fits any style. But there is one important thing. Try not to wear a coat that is shorter than your jacket. It can ruin your whole look.

3. Wearing your sunglasses on your head.

We can’t say that if you put sunglasses on your head, it will look bad, but it will definitely ruin your hairstyle. Moreover, if your head is too oval — this will emphasize it. Put your sunglasses in your breast pocket or hang them on your shirt. This looks much more stylish!

4. Making your tie too short.

Despite the fact that this rule is well-known, sometimes men neglect it. When you wear a tie, remember that it should not be too short or too long. There is a general rule: the tip of the tie should just cover the belt buckle.

5. Training in thermal pants without something over them.

Thermal underwear should be considered a first layer in all cases and with no exceptions. For example, you can choose shorts or sweatpants to wear over them. This isn’t just a matter of fashion, but also etiquette.

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