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How to get rid of wrinkles in 12 minutes with face building exercises and look younger

Face building is a set of activities that you can do to improve your appearance. Always start the routine with a face warm-up using your hands.

Exercise 1: A light surprise

This workout can help you tone up the muscles in your forehead.

1. Place your fingers on your brow as shown in the illustration.

2. Raise and lower your brows in a surprised manner.

3. Make sure your forehead doesn't have any creases.

Do this exercise ten times.

Exercise 2: Flirty eyes

This will help you avoid developing creases around your eyes.

1.Shift your gaze from right to left then bottom to top.

2. You should only move your eyes.

For each direction, repeat the exercise five times.

Exercise 3: O

This will help you get rid of nasolabial folds.

Make the shape of the letter O with your mouth. Even the sound of the letter O can be spoken aloud.

Repeat this exercise ten times more.

Exercise 4: Smile

With this activity, you can maintain firm muscles in your cheekbones and cheeks.

1. Pull your lips together and into your mouth.

2. Place your fingertips on your lips' corners and lightly press them.

3. Pull your lips near your ears with your fingers.

4. Return to your starting position.

Repeat this exercise ten times more.

Exercise 5: Hooligan

The goal of this workout is to get rid of a double chin and build neck muscle.

1. Extend your tongue and raise it.

2. Turn to the right after turning halfway up.

3. Raise your chin. Hold for a total of 10 seconds.

4. Return to the starting position and repeat the motion in the other direction.

5 times in each direction, repeat this workout.

Exercise 6: Grandma

This exercise is for you if you wish to get rid of nasolabial folds.

1. Make a sound using your mouth.

2. Your lips should be hidden behind your teeth.

3. Tension should be increased by drawing your lips inside your mouth. Hold for a total of 10 seconds.

This practice should be repeated 15 times.

Exersice 7: Rubber

This exercise aids in the removal of horizontal forehead wrinkles.

1. Wrap your hands around your ears and behind your head.

2. Then, on the forehead, place them on the hairline's edge.

3. With your hands, pull yourself back a little.

4. Look down while pursing your lips in the shape of the letter O. Hold this position for 10 seconds.

Throughout this exercise, it's critical to keep an eye on the tension in your forehead.

Repeat this exercise for a total of 20 times.

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