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What Happens to Celebrity Outfits after the Red Carpet Event Is Over

Where celebrities get their outfits from

In most cases, celebrities do not buy the dress they wear to a red carpet, they send requests to various fashion brand and make a choice from the list they are offered. Other celebrities have contracts with certain designers so they will wear items from this brand more often. The celebrities have to wear these clothes for a certain period of time, mostly 48 hours and after the period is over they return the cloth or they can be gifted. Celebrities are not limited to purchasing the outfits themselves

You can buy a dress worn by a celebrity at a sample sale

Some famous brands keep the dresses worn by celebrities in their archives and people can purchase. Brands like Dior, Louis Vuitton, and Chanel do this and sales are made a few years after the event. One can get these outfits at a discounted price since the outfit is a secondhand. However, if a dress becomes popular, it can be picked and a mass production will commence

Sometimes, fashion brands lend the same dresses to different celebrities

Some fashion brands can decide to loan out the same outfit for a red carpet more than once. However some famous people might not be happy with this idea and it might land the brand into trouble. Celebrities might decide to boycott outfits made by this brand

Sometimes red carpet dresses migrate into a celebrities everyday life

Some celebrities might decide to wear a dress more than once. For instance Jennifer Lawrence doesn't mind wearing the same outfit more than once in various events, she wore a pink dress to Amy Schumers wedding, and a social event in 2017

Celebrities share their outfits with their family members

Others will choose to share their outfit with their family members, for example Kris Jenner was seen wearing the same outfit that her daughter wore three years before. Also, Angelina Jolie also shares her dresses to her daughters. In 2021 one of her daughters appeared wearing the dress she wore in 2014

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