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Remember The White Lady Who Turned Black? Meet Her Before Transformation

It is amazing how people are always not contented with what they have, black people, especially women are always seen draining their money down the toilet just to buy bleaching products to change their skin color.

To many people, it was ironic when they saw that a white woman can change her skin color to black.

Martina, as the lady was identified as a white model. She got injected with melanin to change her skin to black.

Ever since her transformation, her photos went viral on social media pages and it got people talking.

The once beautiful white lady as you can see was motivated to change her skin color to promote the 'black lives matter' movement.

The lady fully transformed that when you meet her for the first time you cannot believe that she is a white woman. After her transformation, she was baptized in Kenya by the name Malaika Kubwa

Martina has even revealed that after her transformation, she will be a le to give birth to black children something that amazed people.

Content created and supplied by: Triko (via Opera News )

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