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What your Favorite Color could say About you


As we all know, color red is associated with various situations that may be aggressive and dominance and researchers have found out that athlete who wear this color have 5% more chance of winning. Also in other ways, this color attracts men because they see women in ready being attractive; the color is also associated with love and passion. So you can choose red in either of those situations


This color is also beautiful and it leaves the impression of magic and fantasy, as illustrated in some animated Disney films. The color can be related to being sensitive and emotional. In general, it stimulates creativity and brings peace.


If you like orange and use it a lot, then this may reveal that you are strong and energetic. It brings excitement and energy, the color is also used in most of the pills because it is a good stimulant. Also most sports team use this color for the same reason; portrays energy


It is a universal symbol for piece, even the Nazis respected it. The color is associated with independence in creating things and individuals who love this color tend to be organized, and detail oriented at work. In general, it is a symbol of peace, purity and simplicity that why most companies like Apple use it in their product.


The color can evoke feelings of elegance, formality and mystery. A person who loves black can be described as a person who loves control and independence. Most people at work may choose black for official over other colors


People who love yellow love adventure, the color can also be associated with fun, passion and optimism. Such people tend to be creative but impulsive. If white is about independence the yellow is about freedom


Green is associated with a lot of things like vegetable, money and other things in the world but what about personality? The color might be associated with success, relaxation and calmness. The color is also used in health, growth and learning


Most young girls love pink because it looks beautiful and girly. It is very hard to see a criminal in pink; this color makes a person appear soothing when wearing it. It creates the image of kindness, sensitivity, love and generosity. If you wear this color, you partner might feel to protect you each and every time.

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