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Skin Care

Did You Know That The Skin is a very Important Organ in Your Body?

The skin is an organ that covers our bodies externally and the bodies of animals.It is the biggest organ in our body .The skin performs very many functions in our body than we think.

It is made of two organs which is the epidermis and the dermis.The epidermis has three layers which are the cornified layer,malphigian layer and granular layer.

The dermis is a thick layer with nerve endings,blood vessels ,hair and also subcutaneous layer fats.

All this parts play very important roles in our bodies.That is why you are always adviced to take good care of your skin by drinking alot of water and avoiding the use of chemical creams.

The skin plays different roles in our body which include the following

Storage of fats

Protect the tissues from injury and loss of water .The melanin does all this functions.

The skin synthesis vitamin D from the sun and make it useful to our body.

Helps in detection of pain,heat,touch and pressure applied on our bodies because of the nerve endings which detect any external stimuli.

Helps in extraction of salts,urea and excess water through sweating.It is important to exercise reguraly.

Regulates the body temperature through sweating.

The blood vessels in the dermis also play an important role in supply of oxygen to the body and the removal of wastes from the skin tissues.

This is why you are advised to take care of your skin because it has very important roles in our bodies.

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