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Why Tight Jeans May Cause More Harm Than Good

Lots of people in a bid to look stylish squeeze themselves into increasingly tight jeans oblivious of the dangers they are exposing themselves to. Many choices regarding what we wear are influenced by viral fashion trends of celebrities, our favourite fashion icons and other influencers, paid or looking for clout. Proliferation of social media platforms and other sources of information has made it easier than ever to keep tabs on these folks. We are forever on the lookout for what our fav personalities have been up to. Their word is the law regarding various matters fashion.

Unfortunately, we imitate their choices without much thought despite the fact that what looks good on them might not necessarily look good on us in the first place. Worse still, some of these blind decisions will impact on us in ways we have never imagined. Take the seemingly harmless pair of tight jeans for instance.

Ladies, especially the endowed feel super confident in them because they make their curves visible to admirers. On the other hand, the flat tummy movement is always trying to show their 'portability' and leanness to those who desire such kind. Men too, young and otherwise have jumped into the bandwagon to showcase what they can offer.

Just recently, popular TV show star Chris Hughes of Love Island spilled the beans on the struggles he and his older brother have been having with their balls and all. According to Chris, men are suffering silently out there if the feedback they are getting since tackling the issue is anything to go by. This is partly because men, being the tough beings they are, will most probably keep such matters to themselves or talk to their closest friends about it. Again, matters men fertility have been pushed to the back burner and are not discussed regularly as some things we know. What most men in tight jeans don't realize is they are setting themselves up for such struggles. Balls were situated outside the body by an evolutionary mechanism in order to facilitate making of healthy sperm. This is because, for optimal sperm production the required temperature should be slightly lower than that of the rest of the body. Oftentimes we see other people's hardships and think they probably won't afflict us but sadly these problems are real and they affect real people though no man would wish them even on their worst enemy.

Ladies aren't exempted either. Lack of proper air flow down under creates a warm and moist environment that's perfect for bacteria and other organisms to thrive and cause all kinds of havoc ranging from infections to a foul smell. You know how anyone would like that smell, don't you ladies?

Probably the above named defects would arguably be the worst case scenario for either gender but your tight clothing is not done with you yet. There's a myriad of other problems that can arise from tight garments–be it jeans or others that fit too tightly:

Improper blood flow to the waist - Don't overwork your heart it's already doing a lot trying to keep you alive

Poor digestion - This may bring along other problems like constipation, abdominal pain, acid reflux ,etc

Worsening issues of varicose veins

Back pain - That has never been great

Promotion cellulite formation - Hear that ladies? Gents too

Don't lose yourself while trying to look stylish. The good thing with a sense of style is that it's like an opinion–everybody can form theirs. There's no set standard. Ours is a hot planet especially for us who live in the tropics. Couples the weather with those tight garments and you are in trouble. Again, fashion is fleeting whereas health should not be. Incorporate style and health and in that way you will have killed two birds with a single stone. 

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