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How To Impress A Guy Who Is Not Interested - Learn What You Should Do To Get His Interest

Improve yourself

Do not ignore if you have any shortcomings, you may be a little overweight or dress too casually; take steps to overcome those. A lot of hard work and sincere effort on your part is required if you want success. Revamp your wardrobe or pick up a couple of smart outfits that look good on you.

Enhance your appearance

The next step is to work on your appearance and if you need to take expert advice go ahead and make changes according to their suggestions. Maybe a new hairstyle that flatters you is all that is needed. Groom yourself to look your best and see the men taking note of you.


Meet with your friends and have fun and enjoy life to the fullest. Take care to socialize at places where you are sure he will be present and let him see how liked you are by your friends and if you make yourself the life of the party, your job becomes much easier as he will notice you and will be intrigued by your popular personality.

Try to talk with him

If you have managed to get his attention then you can smile at him and take the lead to talk with him. Begin with a casual remark and ask him about his interests. If you show genuine interest when he is talking then you have surely made an impression.

Behave interested

If he talks about his hobbies or the sports that he likes, behave interested in things he does even if you have no clue about the game. But to keep his interest alive it will do a lot good if you read up on things he likes so that you can involve yourself in those activities.

Pep up your confidence

Confidence and self-assurance are the traits that men find enormously attractive in a women. The way you talk and conduct yourself goes a long way to create a positive impression, so do it right and practice if you feel the need for it.

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