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How clothing stores use manipulated mirrors and compromised lighting to attract clients

While trying on garments, clothing retailers utilize an unique mirror that makes you appear thinner in the dressing rooms, they also use slightly coloured lighting to make you look blushed and healthy.

Have you ever returned home with clothes you bought in a store and realized they didn't fit as well as they did in the fitting room? 

The reason for this is that fitting rooms have a specific type of skinny/thinning mirror that makes you appear at least five to ten pounds lighter than you are.

These mirrors, unlike typical flat mirrors at home, are slightly curved, and retailers employ them to trick customers into thinking they are skinny.Customers are more likely to purchase an item if they think they look well in it.

In a conducted survey, 89 percent of customers who used the "thin mirror" made a purchase, but only 73 percent of those who used a standard mirror made a purchase. 

They also use slightly tinted illumination in the dressing rooms to complement this tactic.

These lights make your skin look immaculate and make you look blushed and healthy. 

The lighting is set up in such a way that the shadows fall exactly where they should, enhancing the slimming effect.

Content created and supplied by: DavisKe (via Opera News )


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