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Ladies here are things you should do to your hair before braiding.

Most women Love their hair well maintained and very healthy. No one wants hair with no airline and dirty.

Here are ways to handle your hair before braiding them. Sometimes braids may take a month on your hair and hence needs proper treatment before braiding.

1. Make sure you wash your hair.

Wash your hair as it may take a month again for you to wash it.

2. Detangle your hair.

Your saloonist may not be patient enough to help you detangle it. Do you it by yourself gently.

3. Moisturize your hair.

Make your hair softer so that it does not keep breaking.

4. Treat your hair.

Treat your hair really well in order to maintain your hairline and make your hair stronger and healthier.

5. Consider the current state of your natural hair.

Your current state of hair will determine if you will braid or not. If the hair is breaking too much then this is not the time to braid but time to treat and leave it unbraided.(photo courtesy)

Content created and supplied by: Carol c (via Opera News )


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