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Skin Care

5 Reasons Why Men Should Avoid Bathing With Hot Water

Health experts have advised men in particular to avoid always bathing in hot water. The following are some of the health reasons for this:

1. It has a negative impact on fertility.

Taking a hot water bath for more than 30 minutes has been shown in research to harm one's ability to procreate, according to webmd. Constant exposure to'moist heat' can lead to difficulties with fertility. Excessive exposure to hot water may exacerbate the condition in males who have previously been diagnosed with reproductive concerns. Things tend to improve when you stop taking hot water baths for an extended period of time. Men who avoided hot water baths had sperm that were healthier and had a greater motility rate.

2. It can cause dry skin.

A hot water bath can produce dry skin in the winter because it drains moisture from your skin. Bathing in hot water might cause rashes and other allergies if you have sensitive skin. Dry skin can worsen eczema and lead to more serious health issues such as skin inflammation.

3. It has the potential to cause skin to wrinkle faster.

Everyone desires younger-looking skin, but taking hot water baths on a daily basis might develop wrinkles. Hot water removes the natural oils from the skin, leaving it dry and sensitive.

4. It has the ability to cause hair loss.

The roots of your hair are injured when you pour boiling hot water on your head, resulting in hair loss. Because it is unnatural, hot water can injure hair follicles. Anything exceeding 37 degrees Celsius is considered to be outside of the normal range of body temperature. If you take a hot water bath, your hair may fall out and your scalp may get dry. It's possible that it's creating inflammation, which leads to hair shrinkage, thinning, and hair loss.

5. It has the potential for addiction.

Hot water bathing, according to health line, can become addictive, and your body may crave it even on hot days. So, if you want to take a bath, fill it halfway with cold water.

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