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How to Get A Guy to Like You

Are you confident and complacent?

Maintain a confident and complacent demeanor about yourself. If you're confident it will show in your personality. You will walk with confidence, you will talk with confidence and you will conduct things with confidence. This is most important.

Do not act desperate

You should take care not to act desperate in any manner whatsoever. You need to bide your time till this guy is attracted to you. Don't let desperation or frustration overtake you thus compelling you to pursue or chase him and fall all over him in desperation.

Are you appealing in looks?

Every girl does not have a pretty or beautiful face. But you can turn out in clothes that become you and enhance your looks and appeal. Get a charming hairdo to compliment your face and figure. Carry yourself with charming confidence that is appealing.

Be cheerful and charming

You must be cheerful and charming in personality and keep people around you in good humor and high spirits with your conversational skills and jokes. You should appear as the center of attention girl who seems to be every guy's target. Guys naturally get attracted to captivating girls.

Don't be flirtatious though

In your eagerness to be cheerful and charming don't go overboard and be flirtatious. Guys don't go for girls you tend to flirt with almost everyone around. They'd prefer you to reserve your flirting to them alone. So follow this advice strictly.

Introduce yourself to this guy

If this guy happens to be around then walk up to that group to meet them and him also at the same time. That would not appear as though you're targeting him alone. Meet the guys around and then introduce yourself to this guy and start up a conversation.

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