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Skin Care

Stop sleeping too much, this is what it does to your aging.

Are you that kind who likes sleeping too much?This is what it does to your face.Lets just have a short engagement.When you wake up every morning, what do you notice on your face?Do you look the same as just before you slept?

Off course you notice your face looks bored and with wrinkles and nobody likes it.For that reason ,you wash your face to get back to normal. When you sleep too much ,for instance,more than 8hours a day, you will always wake up looking sick.This is because the sleep wrinkles causes too much tension on your face skin.

Now take an instance of a person who sleeps 7hours a day and another who sleeps10hours a day.After 7-10 years ,there will always an aging difference because the person sleeping 10hours a day causes frequent face skin tensions ,making the face wrinkles frequently, getting older and older faster.

Ladies, i know you want to remain beautiful for a long time. If so ,then stop sleeping too much.

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