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Short Ladies, Here are Dressing Tricks that Will Make You Appear Tall

Short ladies who would really love to enhance their height appearance need to be aware of this tricks. If you have already tried exercising and taking all required meals with no results, then this dressing styles can help.

1. Consider wearing a one piece

This means that you should avoid several piece clothing styles like a pair of shorts or trouser and shirts. Find a good looking romper or dress and this will hide the position of your waist or feet length for the case of long dresses.

2. Monochromatic Style

It is always good to have an excellent colour drsssing taste. For persons below inch 5, considering a monochromatic style is the main idea here to make you look tall. You dont have to wear clothes of the same colour, but as you choose on what to wear, make sure that the colour contrast is not high.

3.Go for shoes with a pointed toe

When shopping for flat or heel shoes, consider picking the ones whose front is pointed. You can compare pictures of how you look when in shoes that have a pointed front and with the one that is wide.

4.Choose heels that have an ankle strap

This is yet another secret that most people are not aware of. You should try this trick.

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