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5 Things That Cause Your Black Jeans To Fade jeans are some of the most treasured clothes in our clothes. This is not only because they match well with other clothes but also because they present a great sense and taste of fashion. However, they have the tendency of fading out faster than other brighter jeans which is always a heartbreaking occurrence. In this article, we are going to outline some of the bad practices that cause them to fade fast.

1) Soaking Them

Soaking colored clothes makes the dye in their fabric to dissolve in water. When rinsed, these clothes lose a lot of their dye to the water thus fading out. You should always wash them directly since it's rare for them to get visible stains.

2) Washing Them Regularly

Washing clothes on a regular basis increases their chances of fading out. This is because during the washing process, the frictional force impacted on the fabric causes the dye pigmentation to detach from it. Furthermore, frequent exposure to UV light during the drying process can increase the chances of fading out.

3) Using Detergents

Soaps and Detergents | Rossari Biotech LimitedDetergents are known to have various chemical compounds that are harsh on dyed fabric. When washing black jeans, it is recommendable to use regular soaps as they are less harsh on fabric.

4) Ironing

Clothes Iron Pictures | Download Free Images on UnsplashOn various occasions, it may seem necessary to iron jeans in order to do away with the creases and wrinkles on them. However, this process endangers the life of the dye pigmentation on them. This is because during ironing, the fabric becomes more loose under the heat thus detaching off some of the dye.

5) Washing them alongside bright colored clothes

Blue denim jeans hanged on black clothes hanger | PikrepoWhen washing colored clothes, it is always advisable to wash them along other colored clothes. This is because as the dye from the bright clothes detaches during the washing process, it may interfere with the dark color of your jeans. Even though this process may be gradual enough to prevent you from noticing, it can have adverse effects in the long run.

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