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Skin Care

Ways To Naturally Eliminate Dark Marks On Knees And Elbows

Many people have always admired to have even skin complexions. However, that's usually not the case as sections around the elbows and knees usually maintain a darker complexion.

Knees, joints and elbows often retain a darker complexion than the skin's owing to the fact that they contain thicker skins. The reason for their darkness could also be the many wrinkles that they contain. The wrinkles don't produce sebum like the rest of the skin and hence remain drier and darker.

Nontheless, theirs varied natural ways one can employ to eliminate dark marks on the elbows and knees, these are:

Use of lemon

To begin with, lemons are endowed with vitamin C. Vitamin C aids in eliminating the dead skin cells that form the darker complexion on knees and elbows. Once the dead skins are eliminated, new ones which are of even complexion will regenerate.

Secondly, lemon is endowed with skin exfoliation properties. This property is vital in achieving a skin complexion that's even.

To use lemon for this task, firstly squeeze the lemon juice out of the lemon fruit. Secondly apply evenly the juice on the darker affected elbows and joints. Then lastly, let the juice stay on the affected areas for approximately fifteen minutes. Remember to repeat the same procedure for weeks for positive outcomes.

Use of aloe vera

Apart from the plethora uses aloe vera is known for, it can also lighten the skin. This quality also goes a long way in ensuring the skin is kept supple.

Aloe vera, in its perfect elements, is used to repair skin cells that have been damaged by extreme exposure to sun rays.

To use aloe vera for this purpose, firstly extract it's sap from its leaves. Secondly, apply by massaging gently the sap on the darker elbows. Lastly, let the massaged area stay for at least thirty minutes before you clean it with lukewarm water.

For positive outcomes, repeat the same procedure twice daily for three weeks.

Use of coconut oil

If you've ever been keen, you'll realize that most skin lightening creams have coconut oil extracts as one of their ingredients. This is because it's endowed with vitamin E apart from being a moisturizer.

The vitamin E that it contains aids in achieving a lighter skin complexion. Being a moisturizing agent, it also prevents the skin from dehydration.

To apply coconut oil, firstly you'll have to extract the oil out of the coconut fruit. Secondly, apply the oil around the darker elbows for approximately five minutes before you go for a shower.

Thirdly, let the oil stay on the affected areas for twenty minutes before you wipe them using a towel. You'll need to apply the coconut oils in a similar manner daily to achieve the desired results.

Use of a bake soda

Baking soda also proves reliable in trying to eliminate dark spots around elbows and knees.

To use baking soda for this purpose, mix milk proportionately with baking soda to achieve a thicker paste. Proceed and massage the paste to your knees and elbows. Let the paste stay on the affected areas for approximately five minutes.

Do the same procedure once every week for three months to achieve positive outcomes.

Use of sugar

Others would only relate sugar with meals. Interestingly, sugar can be used to achieve an even skin complexion as it contains exfoliation properties.

Sugar will be effective by exfoliating dead skin cells around your elbows and knees that give them darker complexions.

To use sugar for this purpose, you'll need to mix equal proportions of olive oil and sugar. After the obtaining the mixture, massage the affected areas for approximately ten minutes before you hit the shower. Make the process a habit until you achieve good results.

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