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Opinion: Why Do Human Fingernails And Hair Keep Growing After Death

WHY do human fingernails and hair keep growing after death?

The nails do not grow, yet the skin around them dries out and pulls back, making the nails appear longer.

Moreover, the dead person's skin loses moisture and shrinks, exposing a previously invisible part of the hair on the male chin.

In order for a nail to grow, it must have a steady supply of glucose. Similarly, hair needs continuous burning of glucose and oxygen for its growth; the hair follicle sits in the hair matrix, where rapid cell division happens, pushing out the new hair making it longer.

When death occurs, the heart stops pumping, which in turn cuts off the supply of oxygen to the body parts. The energy supply is lost, which makes it impossible for cell to grow.

In conclusion, nails and hair do not grow after a person is dead. It’s the skin around the nails and hair which retracts due to dehydration, making them look like they have grown.

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