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How women get bald: Things you should know about it.

What is female baldness?

Baldness for women's also known as androgenetic alopecia - is a part of hair loss.It is the same as for men. Instead, women get it in different parts of their heads.

Hair loss is common, especially as you get older. About 60% find that they lose their hair when they get Older. Very less women's reach the age of 65 years while their hair still intact.

Female baldness is a legacy. It usually occurs during periods of hormonal changes in the body. If you feel that your hair is getting thinner, then you should see your doctor or dermatologist. Getting treatment early is a good thing - if you don't, you may get bald and have trouble getting your hair back.

How does a woman's baldness look like?

For women with baldness, it starts with the hair stopping to grow longer. Even small new hair, they stop growing. Then the hair of the short part becomes thinner, and then they break easily. It is possible for a woman to lose 50 to 100 hairs a day, but those who are bald are losing a lot of hair.

Doctors divide women's baldness into three categories:

Type 1: is a small hair follicle with gaps due to the head of the women.

Type 2: These are the areas that are wider, and the hair closest to the hair follicles.

Type 3: All the hair on the scalp is visible above the scalp.

Does gene can cause female baldness?

Women's hair loss can be passed on from parents to you, and you can pass it on to your children through genetic heridity and there are many genes involved in this issues.

How to treat female baldness.

If you are a woman with baldness, it is possible that your hair can be restored, but you have to adapt to a new way to fix it. You may have lost a lot of hair. For women who are newly to it, it is possible to treat it well - to restore damaged hair to prevent future baldness. When you see your doctor you can find out how to treat you. But treatment consists of several forms that need to be examined first.

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