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Skin Care

6 Internal problems that pimples on your face indicate.

One thing that is so stressing in our daily life is fighting acne on our faces. Some pimples can be very stubbornto eliminate even if you use the most expensive face cream.

Chinese medicine says that the location of the acne on the face screams out what is happening inside a specific organ in the body.

Though Chinese medicine is not along the lines of mainstream medicine and there’s no solid proof for their theories, they have been in practice for ages and have been quite successful in their approach. If you find a particular region of your body getting more zits than the others, you need to read this first. This will help you to treat the problem from within.

1. Forehead (Digestive System)

Acne on the forehead indicates a hampered digestive system. When your body finds it difficult to break down and assimilate food substances, a disturbed gastrointestinal environment is created. Eating wholesome meals and properly chewing your food makes it easier for the stomach to break the food down for further digestion. Also, avoid carbonated drinks and cut down on your overall sugar intake, specifically refined sugar. Make sure you are sufficiently hydrated so that the toxins in the body can be eliminated.

2. Temples (Facial Hygiene)

Acne on the temples points toward your poor hygiene habits. Girls with bangs, see to it that you wash them regularly because this could be causing those painful pimples on your temples. Also, remove the makeup at all costs before you go to bed and clean your brushes regularly with mild antiseptics to ensure overall facial skin hygiene. Try and avoid eating bad fats that processed foods are often sources of. Incorporate lots of melons and gourds in your diet to cool your system on the whole.

3. Between The Brows (Liver)

This area is the liver zone. If there’s a breakout here, it means you have to cut down on the alcohol intake. Also, keep a check on smoking and avoid eating foods that have butter and cheese in them. If you can’t stop eating them altogether, consider reducing the intake after it gets dark. Late night binging and cocktail cravings should be stopped if you find a zit between the brows frequently.

4. Nose (Heart)

One of the most annoying things is a pimple on the nose. It is awful to wake up and find that there’s a breakout here. Pimples on your nose are ugly and cause cosmetic problems. Their occurrence on this area calls for revamping certain dietary and lifestyle habits.

The nose signifies the heart zone and doing heart-friendly activities is what you are supposed to do if a pimple consistently shows up in this area. Consume less salt and regulate your blood pressure. Indulge in cardiovascular exercises like walking and running to avoid pimples on your nose. Also, try sticking to a vegetarian diet until you bounce back to having healthy-looking skin, specifically until a pimple stops popping on the nose.

5. Cheeks (Respiratory System)

Cheek pimples primarily occur due to poor hygiene habits. Make sure you use frequently-washed and fresh pillow cases. Surprisingly, your dirty phone screens help the microbes thrive and become a breeding ground for them. Before the bacteria multiply in number, use some rubbing alcohol to cleanse the phone screens. Talking of internal organs, pimples on the lower part of your cheeks signify that you aren’t taking care of your oral hygiene. Consider flossing and cleaning your teeth properly to avoid a breakout on the cheeks. This is the respiratory zone and hence indulge in activities that ensure a healthy respiratory system. Excercise between 7 to 9 am out in the fresh air if you happen to live in a polluted area.

6. Chin (Hormonal Imbalance)

Now, this is the top favorite place where pimples likes to pop out. A chin pimple occurs because of hormonal imbalance. This is exactly why you find acne here just when you are already throwing temper tantrums during your PMS. The only thing you can do is to try maintaining a hormonal balance. Occupy yourself with things that you enjoy. This will help you relax, which is of utmost importance when you are trying to get those hormones to listen to you.

Eat foods rich in omega-3 fatty acids. This is another way of maintaining hormonal balance. The chin area again is a victim of poor dental care. Use an appropriate toothpaste and mouthwash. Check if you are sensitive to any kind of toothpaste or even a lipstick or other lip care products that you are using. Switch to safer products if you feel that could be causing a pimple on your chin or on your lips.

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