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Skin Care

Five Things Your Skin Needs To Look Younger For As Long As Possible

We are attracted to that radiant, glowing skin and work so hard to look younger for as long as possible. Our skins tell us more about our personality even before we verbally communicate with others. Wrinkled skin is associated with stress and unhealthy eating habits. To maintain that great skin, we need food rich in antioxidants, good fats, vitamins, essential nutrients, and water. With this aging, signs will be at par, without forgetting proper skincare routines and sunlight exposure.

1.Avocado 🥑

with as little as Ksh 10 at your nearest mama mboga's kibanda, you can afford an avocado. Avocados contain high fats that nourish your skin. They are also rich in vitamin A and K, crucial for skin growth and protection from ultraviolet rays.

2.Tomatoes 🍅

Kenyan delicacy without tomato isn't tasty enough. Tomatoes contain lycopene which helps in removing dead skin which comes in handy in reducing skin wrinkles.

3. Fish 🐠

fish are known for omega 3, which helps in brain growth and development, but there is a hidden treasure to them; they contain astaxanthin which is crucial in maintaining skin moisture content and improves skin elasticity.No wonder people from lakeside got that beautiful skin.

4.Chocolate 🍫

Nowadays, every gift package for your woman without a chocolate bar is a crime, no wonder they are ever looking sweet sixteen. Chocolates rich in cocoa are known to contact antioxidants which help in improving blood flow around our skins.

5.Green tea 🍵

available at your nearest supermarket, drinking green tea every day helps us against harmful environmental factors. It contains the best antioxidants, which help improve skin elasticity.

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