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Skin Care

Vitiligo and how it can cause changes to skin color.

Vitiligo is a skin condition whereby patches of the skin lose their colour.It is caused by a lack of pigment known as melanin.

Melanin is a type of pigment that gives colour to the skin,hair and eyes of humans and animals. It also absorbs harmful UV light and protects against cellular damage from UV light exposure.

It affects people of all skin types and ethnicities.In most cases the areas affected by this condition lose their pigment forever. Vitiligo can affect any area of the skin but mostly affects the hands,feet,neck and in skin creases.The condition is photo sensitive that is the areas affected are more sensitive to sunlight than those not affected.

There are two types of Vitiligo that is

1. Non segmental Vitiligo-a condition whereby the pigment on a person's skin begins to lose its color, creating patches on the body.

2. Segmental vitiligo-it affects areas of the skin of the skin attached to nerves arising in the dorsal root of the spine.

A combination of various factors such as genetics,autoimmune disorders,skin damage,age(affects persons between the ages of 10 and 30years),chemical exposure increase the risk of getting vitiligo.hearing loss,changes to vision and tear loss production.

Some of the symptoms of Vitiligo are

1.Loss of colour in the tissues that line the inside of the nose and mouth.

2.Premature whitening or grayinh of the hair on the scalp,eyelashes,eyebrows or beard.

3.Patchy loss of skin color,which first happens on the hands, face and around body openings and the genitals.

Vitiligo complications can arise from the use of topical steroids but one can also experience painful sunburns,hearing loss and changes to vision and tear production.

To prevent the formation of white spots,one should avoid the consumption of alcohol,coffee,fish,red meat and consume more of foods rich in vitamin C,amino acids,folic acid and minerals like zinc,copper and iron.

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