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Before The Ludacris Inspired Hairstyles, This Is What Was Available In Kinyozi's Countrywide


There are over 200 men's hairstyles available in the World which are from the best barbers and hairstylists, cutting and styling from the A-Class celebrities in the World. Each hairstyle is detailed in its unique way and also plenty of inspirations for you to choose from.

But before the Ludacris-inspired hairstyles, there were pompadours and poodle cuts that reigned over which were more exaggerated edgier hairstyles. There were few hairstyles available in Kinyozi countrywide. Otherwise, your mother did the job with a pair of scissors.

1. Fresh High and Tight

To personalize it, ask your barber to adjust the fade at the sides of the head to fit your face shape. A high undercut is ideal for people with long or oval faces. Round out your lineup to stay true to the decade. If you want to go for a more chiseled look, add a touch of beard to balance out your facial structure.

2. The Buzz Cut with a Bald Fade

The most basic short haircuts for men are buzz cuts. However, when it comes to black men's haircuts, this style can appear a little boring. Clip a curvy hair design to add some personality to the look.

3. 360 Waves

It's one of the few black men's haircuts that combines three iconic black men's haircuts: a high fade, 360 waves, and a lineup. The sides and back of the are closely shaved in this style, while the top is wavy and the hairlines to the sideburns are finely straightened.

4. Tapered Afro

The appeal of tapered afro haircuts is their ability to flatter all face shapes and hair textures. To combine your cut with a full beard, you'll need a level transition. This is one of those black short hairstyles that will never go out of style.

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