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Why Do Some People Have Long Natural Hair?

There is no simple answer to this question.But I will try. 

1) Hair varies among races as well as between them.

2)Natural hair is very fragile due to the physics involved.Every bend in the hair strand is a place of tension that creates friction.The more bends the more risk of split ends.In simple terms,it can be difficult to have long hair,not because it doesn't grow but because it is easy to break off from the ends.Having such kind of hair needs more attention to reduce the possible friction.This means you need to properly moisturize and oil the ends of your hair.One should also be more careful about what fabrics touch it and what hair styles to keep the natural hair tucked away.

3) Some people have natural curly hair.Curly hair has additional torsion twist than straight hair.And because of the torsion twist,curly hair is very prone to shrinkage.Here shrinkage is a sign of healthy hair,it means that curls are so healthy that they bounce back together especially when there is water/humidity.Shrinkage also means that hair can stretch upto 80% it's length.

3) Adaptation to hot climate.

People who live in hot climate have thick dense hair.To adapt and protect the scalp,to this hot climate hair produces alot of sebum.But due to the curly nature the hair,sebum doesn't reach the to the ends of the hair strand.This makes hair become brittle and more prone to breakage if oiling and proper moisturizing is not done.

4) Heat damage.

Heat damage is a real thing because heat is essentially removing the water or moisture from the hair.This leaves hair prone to breakage especially when moisture from the scalp isn't reaching all the hairs.

5) Chemicals and mechanical processes

Improperly maintained perms/relaxers will cause breakage.Improperly treated hair can result in damaged hair which leads to breakage.

6) Extensions

Extensions do not allow the scalp to breathe,which enables cuticles to be clogged.Clogged cuticles won't allow oil (sebum)to come through as easily and again hair won't be moisturized.The type of hair product you use can either benefit or damage your hair 

In conclusion some people don't know to maintain their hair well.Well moisturized hair is healthy and prevents hair from breaking and helps increase its length.Thank you.

Content created and supplied by: Jonemike (via Opera News )


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