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Skin Care

Procedure Of Using Sugar And Coconut Oil To Have Pink Lips

Exfoliation is important – be it for your body, face or lips. It helps remove the barrier of dead skin cells and uncover fresh new cells. This sugar and oil scrub is an excellent way to exfoliate and nourish your lips, it’s one extra step with extra benefits.

What you need

1. One table spoon brown sugar or white sugar

2. One table spoon olive oil or coconut oil (use extra virgin oil for added benefits)

Step by step process

1. Mix one table spoon of brown sugar or white sugar with 1 table spoon of olive or coconut oil in a glass bowl.

2. Scoop out a little mixture and gently scrub your lips in circular motions.

3. Wipe the scrub off using a damp cloth and finally moisturize your lips with a balm.

Exfoliate with this scrub twice per week.

How it works

Sugar is a great humectant (this means it helps in retaining moisture). So while exfoliating, you aren’t drying out your lips. The oil helps you nourish and moisturize your lips. It’s a very effective method and works for everyone!

Have a try and thank me later.

Content created and supplied by: Dr.life964 (via Opera News )



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