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How Frequently You Should Wash Your Bras

Bras are undoubtedly the most hardworking garment we wear, yet it turns out we're probably not treating them right.

Boulder holders, contrary to popular perception, should be washed after each use, according to Jené Luciani, author of The Bra Book.

"A lot of people don't realize that they should wash their bras after every wearing!" she remarked.

According to the Australian specialist, it's not just about hygiene; frequent scrubs also help bras function properly.

"Sweat, filth, and elements from the air gather in your bra," she added, "which can actually spiration away at the longevity of your undergarment by compromising the elasticity and other materials."

Only 4.5 percent of women, according to a recent research, actually do this. In fact, the majority of European women wash their bras every two to four days (31.7 percent), followed by every one to two weeks, according to a poll of 1500 participants (21.3 percent ).

"Overwashing can harm the elasticity, which is necessary for giving correct support," says Lexie Sachs, a product analyst in the Textiles Lab at the Good Housekeeping Institute. "A few wears should suffice, but it depends on your degree of activity."

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