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The Secret Behind Bales In "Mtumba" Business

Second hand clothes business in Kenya popularly known as"mtumba" had largely grown serving a large number of people who buys the products due to their prices compared to new ones.

The clothes have been graded into four major categories that are are based on quality.The first grade of mitumba clothes are almost new compared to the ones being sold at the shops.Their conditions and quality are untampered with and they are the most profitable but also relatively expensive compared to other grades.

The second grade of mitumba clothes are slightly used leaving them in good condition, compared to grade three which come with minor defects including dents and ink spills which can be corrected before the sale.

The fourth grade of mitumba clothes is a collection of used clothes that comes with major defects that can not be adjusted by the seller therefore selling them at the cheapest price because of their condition.

In order to start up the business,one is required to consider the location and climatic condition of the area as various cloth types do well in different locations based on different factors.

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