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Do You Know This Man? Jalango Asks For Man's Contacts, Promises To Make Him A New Outfit

Comedian Jalango yesternight announced that he was looking for the man pictured above in the photo next to him.Reason? He wants to get him a new outfit.

As you can see, the man on the left has an outfit with a similar resemblance to the one that Jalango has on the right.However the one that the man has on the left side might not be that of a designer and thus looks so basic.The impression however seems to be borrowed from Jalango's outfit that he wore in Kisumu sometimes back.

Jalango therefore started by acknowledging that the man tried but then he would like to get him the real stuff.That is from a designer.Jalango is therefore looking for the man's contacts and upto the time of publishing he had not found his number.

Jalango has overtime continued to be a man of charisma and one who helps everybody without favor.This will hopefully motivate the unidentified man! Good work!

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Do Jalango Jalango yesternight


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