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Skin Care

Benefits of Washing You Face With Salty Water.

Salt therapy is one of the natural ways to treat various skin condition such as rashes and dryness. It can also result to lightening of the skin complexion

Many research have shown that prolonged exposure to salt water will dry out the skin hence lessen irritation and eliminate any lingering microorganisms.

There is no proof to back up the claim that washing your face with salt water will significantly reduce acne-causing bacteria and inflammation. This is due to the lack of studies that have been done on the subject.

Dermatologists do not suggest or even really advise using salt water on the skin due to the possibility of it being extremely drying, despite the fact that it can have a variety of positive effects on the skin when used properly. However, if you choose to use it, it might offer advantages like reducing the amount of oil your skin produces and smoothing and brightening the skin.

Applying salt water to your face in a way that deeply cleanses your pores can help clear up acne because it is a physical exfoliant. "This might have the helpful effect of reducing acne as a side effect," says Engelman.

Excess oil can be removed by buffing away dirt, dead skin cells, and other types of buildup. This is because buffing generally removes buildup. Garshick, a dermatology expert, says that washing with salt water can help to reduce excess oil, making it a good option for people with oily skin.

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