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Skin Care

Necessities That You Should Never Buy From The Second Hand Market, See Why

Second hand items are very popular since they save alot of money and some belief that second hand items like "mtumba" clothes and shoes are long lasting.

However, knowing which deals to pass like some second hand items which can impact your personal safety and health. Here are the items that you should never buy in the second hand markets;


These clothes touch your direct skin more so private parts. You can't tell what type of skin infection or disease the previous owner battled with thus they are never safe

Makeup Items

Makeup items are loved by many women. However, second hand makeup tools can bring you skin infections thus posing a great danger to your health


Although second hand shoes "Mtumba" are famous since they are cheap and longlasting, it is not advisable for you to buy them. This is because you might inherit feet infections that the previous owner suffered from thus never advisable

Mattress and bed clothing

Quality mattress are very expensive thus many seek second hand ones. However, this might put you at a higher risk since it might affect your skin. Second hand mattresses too might contain pests like bedbugs which might be a nightmare to your home thus not advisable


Second hand furniture is often full of dust mites, dead skin cells, pet dander, and sometimes even bed bugs, yet it’s nearly impossible to launder. So, unless you’re very familiar with the condition of the previous owners’ home, buy new.

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