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Curious Kenyans React To Xtiandela's Post

The social media is full of ups and downs. From one of the recent posts of Xtian Dela on his instagram page, he did post a lady who claimed to use some cosmetics, the lady entails how she was being frustated by pimples and annoying spots on her face. She claims her problems came to a sudden end when she started using the named products.

And as usual her remarks did not escape from the lethal comments of the critics who are always on the run. The lady says she has been using the cosmetics for about a week and it was already making magics. She continues to say she is not regreting her choice. She then advices other individuals to go and purchase the items she was saying.

Kenyans on social media did not fail to issue their replies and comments which are always hilarious. Some of the individuals who commented were against the products since from their view those are bleaching agents and it is not medically advisable from their point of view. Some commented that if it is like that they no longer want it and the fan continues to say that look the way her fingers are contrary to her skin color.

Another fan says that she has bleached severely and she has a big  problem like every other Kenyan and should leave us alone.

Apart from the negative critics of the majority, there were positive replies on the post which may include why judge her while you have not looked at your own self.This positive reply was to counter the one who said, look at her knuckles, they are darker than the hands!

Well the post has led to many mixed reactions from many Kenyans who got in touch with the post at Xtian dela's post.

What's your view on the post and the lady's views?

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