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Meet The Lady Behind Sonko's Crazy Hairstyles

Sonko who was the former governor of nairobi had one woman whom he was loyal to. She was the only one who was doing up his hair. It comes with much pride shaving the big dogs of the government. The haircuts appear funny but they are extremely from the hands of a professional.

The woman is based in Buruburu and the loyalty that has been provided to her is pretty much exclusive. She has been doing so since Sonko was an MP till when he got to the gubernatorial seat. Sonko has also openly appreciated her for the golden hands she uses to make his hair.

Later he shared an inspiring story of how the woman that does his hair has rose from grass to graze. She begun from no clients and now she has been handling Nairobi's former governor Mike Mbuvi Sonko. The story has inspired the youths that in life, success doesn't come once.

Succession a gradual procedure that needs patience and hardwork. Most youths need quick money which has lead to many gambling and even losing important things to them. Her story should be clear to all youths that a thousand miles must always begin with a step.

Content created and supplied by: Lennoxlewis (via Opera News )

Buruburu Nairobi Sonko


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