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Symptoms of Having Less Blood in the Body

Blood is one of the most important components in the body. Oxygen and nutrient are transported to all part of the body by blood. Having less blood leads to so many problems that can result to death if precautions are not taken. Each and everyday make sure you take atleast four glasses of what water. The highest percentage of blood is made from water. Consuming less water in the body can lead to dehydration and less blood in the body.The first symptom of having less blood in the body is dry skin. After taking a shower, a normal body skin always looks soft and moist even before you apply the oil. The body produces the sebum that is meant to moisten the skin and protect it against germs. When you gave less blood, your skin is not able to produce enough sebum and so your skin remains so dry.

Secondly when you have less blood in the body you may start to swell on the face and other body parts. Once the body can't get enough supply of nutrients and oxygen, it start reacting swelling. You may also have frequents headaches because your brain cannot receive enough blood. So many other organs such as the heart are overloaded. The heart has to reduce the heart beats to keep the less blood in the body reaching to all parts.Less blood in the body can also lead to Kidney problems such as kidney stones.You may also experience fatigue and yellowish skin when the condition becomes so serious.

There are several food that are known to contain alot of iron that helps the bone marrow to produce enough blood. These foods should be taken in large quantities to mentain the required amount of blood in the body. These foods include; green vegetables such as kare and spinach,fruits such as water melon and grapes, liver, beens, nuts, and kidney. Please share.

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