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The challenges faced by the beauty pageants

To be a beauty pageant is not a walk in the park,especially where they are perceived by the society as a tool/ sex object.they are judged and undressed immediately they introduce themselves as models,hence the stereotype that it is promiscuous ,this beliefs makes many of the models give up on their dreams( one of the reasons kenya has never produced miss universe ,luck of support,)

They are exploited in that they are underpaid and sometimes not paid at all,this is after all the investing they place in hiring the wears,grooming themselves and even transportation,some of them loan expecting to pay the debt once they have been paid but they end up disappointed, making it hard for them to do other projects ,for it's not always about the beauty that is physical but of the heart too hence some of them use their crowns to touch lives,by doing various charity events,

They are sexually harassed in that most event organizers and the judges wants to be intimate with them before they are made brands ,its always upto the models to know what's best for them,for their reputation and the dignity is always at stake,and for this reason awareness should be created and the beauty queens should be taught on what to do in such circumstances,they are body shamed,criticized and cyber bullied,some end up suffering from depression and some withdraws from the modelling career

This issues affecting the models all over needs to be addressed ,pageantry should be taken seriously in the entertainment industry like any other kind of art,models should be taught their rights and legal action should be put in place for those who takes advantage of models to face the music

The society should also be educated to understand that modelling is just a career like another so that they can create a conducive environment where models can showcase their talent without the fear of being judged looked down upon and rejected

All the dreams matter ,all the careers matter all the talents matter,

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