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I Used Waste Papers And Carton To Make My Makeup Organizer

Most of the time our makeup items as brushes, foundations, primers, sprays, perfume can be hectic to handle, most of makeup organizer boxes are expensive .

Today I'll instruct you on how to make makeup organizer using waste papers or books or newspaper, at this no cost is needed.


Waste papers





How to make

Using a medium sized carton cut the upper part and work with it the base remove the short slips to allow the base b flat.

Then measure the size of the base in reference to the plain paper and also the sides, cover the whole area with a plane paper using the glue.

Then using the slips you removed from the upper part of carton partition the inner sides of cotton to areas for brushes, makeup products, perfume,combs etc.

Use the staples to stick the partitions to carton so that they dont flip out.

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